Bas Rutten Pummels a Larper in New TERA Video Series

En Masse Entertainment rolls out a new video series for TERA featuring Bas Rutten beating the hell out of a Larper.
TERAÂ’s launch has officially been announced and pre-orders are now available, so that means that itÂ’s time for the media hype machine to go into overdrive. Along with todayÂ’s barrage of news from En Masse Entertainment, the NA TERA publisher has also released the first episode of a new video series for TERA titled MMO-FO: Larper.

The first episode showcases mixed martial artist and former UFC Heavyweight Bas Rutten explaining the challenges of TERA's action combat and laughing at the proclaimed easy mode of other MMORPGs while beating the unholy hell out of a poor Larper. ItÂ’s one of those things that canÂ’t be described and must be seen. Check out the first episode after the break.

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