En Masse Entertainment Announces New PLEX-Like Chronoscrolls for TERA

TERA takes a cue from EVE Online’s PLEX and adds new chronoscrolls to the game to help combat gold sellers.
En Masse Entertainment is stepping up their fight against gold sellers in TERA. This time the North American publisher is adopting a system similar to that of EVE Online’s PLEX by adding in new chronoscrolls, which will allow players to purchase an in-game chronoscroll for cash. The item gives players additional game time and like EVE’s PLEX, the chronoscrolls can also be traded for in-game currency.

Publisher En Masse Entertainment believes that this and other measures will help reduce the gold farming/selling trade and help reduce incidents of fraud in TERA by giving players a legitimate way to get additional gold by selling chronoscrolls.

For more details about chronoscrolls, be sure to check out the official FAQ and the chronoscrolls introduction blog from En Masse Entertainment's Chief Operations Officer Pat Wyatt.

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