NA TERA Publisher En Masse Entertainment Responds to NCsoft Lawsuit

Posted Fri, Jan 27, 2012 by Martuk

Yesterday we reported that NCsoft had filed a lawsuit against TERA developer Bluehole Studio and is now seeking an injunction against the MMORPG’s western launch. Today TERA’s NA publisher En Masse Entertainment's Publishing VP Chris Lee offered a brief response "outright rejecting" NCsoft’s claims and vowing to do everything in their power to protect themselves and still deliver TERA by its May 1st launch date.

"We are disappointed that NCsoft is attempting to mar the launch of TERA. Unfortunately we can't discuss much publicly due to the sensitivity of legal actions, but we do outright reject the NCsoft claims, and we are going to do everything in our power to defend and protect ourselves.

To all our supporters who have been anticipating the arrival of TERA – please know that this situation has no impact on our continuing efforts to realize the vision we have for our game. We are committed to making TERA awesome and delivering the game to you on time on May 1. Thank you for your patience and support."

NCsoft is seeking an injunction against TERA's western launch and alleging that former NCsoft employees of Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment of stealing “copious amounts of confidential and proprietary NCsoft information, computer software, hardware and artwork relating to [NCsoft MMO] Lineage 3."

We'll have to wait and see how this might affect TERA's upcoming launch, so stay tuned and we'll bring you more as it develops.

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Looking at the graphics and videos. Having a game being made by an American Studio being heavily influenced by Manga style art, I would believe these claims by NCSoft.

The game sounds like it would be a great game. But for me the Manga style art turns me off. I can not stand to look at the over exaggerated animations and the overly masculine males and overly feminine females. There is no middle ground. Nothing is allow to look realistic. Having insanely large weapons, just doesn't do it.

If this had been done using more appropriate art I would definitely buy it. But as it stands it looks like rubbish and I really hope they loss out on the lawsuit.

"the overly masculine males" What game are you talking about? the males in tera are skinny as hell and look like little teenage boys.... hows that masculine?

"the overly masculine males" What game are you talking about? the males in tera are skinny as hell and look like little teenage boys.... hows that masculine?

"Looking at the graphics and videos..."
"I really hope they loss out on the lawsuit."

So yeah. You hope they lose in court because the graphical style of TERA doesnt appeal to you?

You're hilarious. Oh, and just for the record (...if this indeed is your true opinion, which i think it cannot be) NCsoft is working on a game called Blade & Soul, go ahead and check it out. You will find it to be even more influenced by manga.

Who are you gonna hate after that, son?


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