Share TERA on Facebook and Unlock In-Game Prizes

En Masse Entertainment offers a chance to earn a few in-game cosmetic items by sharing TERA on Facebook.

En Masse Entertainment has kicked off a new way for players to earn a few in-game prizes by sharing TERA on Facebook. All you need to do to take part is share TERAÂ’s "True Action Combat" trailer on Facebook. The event is set up for three tiers of unlockable prizes that will unlock via game codes for players once reached: 500 shares unlocks the Black Horn-Rimmed Eyeglasses, 1000 unlocks the Pirate Eye Patch and 5,000 shares will unlock the Shadowcat Mask.

The event ends on June 1st, so head over to TERAÂ’s Facebook page to get started.

Source: TERA Unlockable Prize Announcement

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