TERA Declares War on Santa

TERA looks to take down a jolly icon in its new holiday event set to kick off this Friday.

This time there really is a war on Christmas. Join TERA for the Santa’s Slay event this week to hunt down the jolly red-suited man and take him down for his festive loot. Starting on December 14th and continuing through January 2nd, players can track down “Fat Santa” and “Tiny Santa” in TERA and kill the festive gift-bearer for a chance to earn some new loot. As an added bonus to the event, players will receive one “fat loot” and one “tiny treasure gift box” the first time they log in during the event containing a festive new item.

So bundle up and sharpen your sword, war has just been declared on the holidays. Just try not to end up like this guy.

Source: Santa’s Slay Event Announcement

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