TERA Gets Whimsy with New Weapon Skins

By Stacy Jones -
TERA has had some creative content added since launch, but En Masse Entertainment has gone from creative to whimsy with their new weapon skins. I tell you my friends, you have not truly humiliated an enemy until you have bludgeoned them to death with a giant popsicle or ended them with a patched up teddy bear. And thatÂ’s what these new weapon skins are all about.

Included in the new whimsical weapon collection are the PlumberÂ’s Wrench, a Drill Bit, the Banhammer, Death by Ice Cream, Mister Patches and a slingshot. You can get a peek at these new whimsy weapons in the En Masse Store.

Source: TERA Whimsical Weapons Announcement

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