TERA Gets Whimsy with New Weapon Skins

En Masse Entertainment goes a little off the rails with new weapon skins for TERA.
TERA has had some creative content added since launch, but En Masse Entertainment has gone from creative to whimsy with their new weapon skins. I tell you my friends, you have not truly humiliated an enemy until you have bludgeoned them to death with a giant popsicle or ended them with a patched up teddy bear. And that’s what these new weapon skins are all about.

Included in the new whimsical weapon collection are the Plumber’s Wrench, a Drill Bit, the Banhammer, Death by Ice Cream, Mister Patches and a slingshot. You can get a peek at these new whimsy weapons in the En Masse Store.

Source: TERA Whimsical Weapons Announcement

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