TERA Producer Talks PvP and Political System

Posted Wed, Jun 22, 2011 by Martuk

En Masse Entertainment Senior Producer Brian Knox took to the game’s Twitter page last week to serve up some answers to many TERA questions. TERA’s PvP and political system dominated the list of fan questions, which Knox provided many details for. Guilds will be happy to know that guild banks, guild quests, guild leveling and even Guild vs Guild PvP are all addressed in the chat.

TERA’s hot topic of this discussion was clearly PvP, but a close second was the political system, which we got the chance to check out for ourselves at E3 2011. There’s a lot of good information in the Twitter chat, so head over to the official TERA website and check out the full transcript for all the details.

Source: TERA Twitter Developer Chat Transcript


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