TERA: Rising Patch Notes and Live Stream Preview

By Stacy Jones -

Executive Producer Brian Knox and Associate Producer Patrick Sun join MMORPG tonight for a live stream preview of TERAÂ’s upcoming free-to-play launch. The live stream will feature a look at some of the overhauled locations and a casual Q&A following the tour of the latest changes. You can watch the live stream tonight at 6:00pm ET on the MMORPG Twitch channel or via the embed below.

In addition, patch notes for the TERA: Rising update have been posted with changes to the minimum group size for Nexus, a new loot drop buff, the addition of the Crucible of Flame dungeon, and more.

TERA: Rising launches on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013.

Source: TERA: Rising Patch Notes, Live Stream

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