TERA's First Election Registration Opens May 18th

It’s time to get political. TERA prepares for its first vanarch elections later this month.

En Masse Entertainment is preparing to open up the voting polls. TERA will hold its first political election later this month to decide what players will have the chance to rule as vanarchs. Registration opens on May 18th for qualifying players. In order to run for vanarch, a player must be level 50 and a guild leader of a level 3 guild with at least 20 members. Registration comes at the cost of 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach awards.

Registration will remain open until May 25th. Voting will begin on the same day for players to select the new vanarchs and conclude on June 1st, at which point the elected vanarch will begin their three-week rule as the first ruling bodies of TERA. Vanarchs will have the option to set and collect taxes from vendor shops for the province as well as open specific specialty vendors and gain fame for their guild.

Are you looking to run for office? Check out the official announcement for all the details.

Source: TERA Inaugural Election Details

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