PAX 2010 Hands-On Preview of Torchlight II

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Ten Ton Hammer joins Executive Producer Travis Baldree for our first hands-on session with the multiplayer morphed sequel to the best action RPG of 2009, Torchlight II. Travis tells us a bit about two announced classes and their skills, how pets will change, and what kind of changes to gameplay and the world will make multiplayer not only possible, but worthwhile.

With such unique yet functionally familiar classes, I asked how the Runic Games team comes up with class concepts, Executive Producer Travis Baldree noted that the emphasis is on style. “We want it to be more God of War than Excel,” he laughed, explaining that he wants players to focus on how cool and powerful they are, rather than focusing on “fiddley” stats and abilities to make themselves more powerful.

Classe, gameplay, multiplayer mojo, and more... it's all in our new Torchlight II preview from PAX 2010.

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