Tribes: Ascend May Get Map-Making Tools

Hi-Rez Studios looking into ways to provide the community with options to further support Tribes: Ascend.

DonÂ’t sound the final charge on the Tribes: Ascend battlefield just yet. Hi-Rez Studios announced earlier this week that the studioÂ’s focus has shifted to developing their MOBA SMITE and the upcoming Global Agenda 2. As a result, Hi-Rez also confirmed content development for Tribes: Ascend had been put on hold and that a sequel may be more likely than any further major content additions to the game. Luckily, a recent interview with Hi-Rez Studios boss Todd Harris with Rock, Paper, Shotgun indicates that there may be hope for the community to take over support of the game through new map-making tools.

While Harris didnÂ’t go into extensive detail about what Hi-Rez may be adding, he did explain that the studio would like to release a full set of map-making tools within the next six months, but Harris couldnÂ’t commit to any release window as the concept is still fresh and nothing has been etched in stone as of yet.

Source: RPS

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