Tribes: Ascend Twinfusor Update Launches Today

Posted Wed, Jul 25, 2012 by Martuk

Hi-Rez Studios keeps their pace of regular updates for their online shooter Tribes: Ascend this week with the 7th update for the shooter dubbed Twinfusor. The update’s name is derived from one of the new weapons included in the patch, the Twinfusor, which comes in three flavors: Pathfinder’s Light Twinfusor, the Soldier’s Twinfusor and the Juggernaut’s Heavy Twinfusor.

Tribes: Ascend also received some other tweaks and new content with the update that include two new CTF maps with Permafrost and Dangerous Crossing, tweaks to the new player experience, matchmaking adjustments, voice packs and more. Check out the trailer below for a preview of Tribes: Ascend’s Twinfusor update and read the official patch notes for the full rundown on all the latest changes.


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