Hands-On with Tribes: Ascend (video)

Does Tribes: Ascend live up to its fast-paced, verticality-based legacy? We hoist on a jetpack and fire up the spinfusor to find out in this 10 minute video fresh from beta!

In our first ever hands-on with Tribes: Ascend, Ten Ton Hammer's Jeff Woleslagle explores the online match-based game with 3 of the game's 10 classes - the Pathfinder, Infiltrator, and heavily armored Doombringer - and we also get behind the wheel of the fast-moving Grav Cycle and tankish Beowulf. The map, Crossfire, fuses familiar Tribes elements with modern multi-objective gameplay, so take a look at our 10 minute hands-on video with Tribes: Ascend.


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