Hands-On with Tribes: Ascend (video)

Updated Thu, Sep 22, 2011 by Ethec

In our first ever hands-on with Tribes: Ascend, Ten Ton Hammer's Jeff Woleslagle explores the online match-based game with 3 of the game's 10 classes - the Pathfinder, Infiltrator, and heavily armored Doombringer - and we also get behind the wheel of the fast-moving Grav Cycle and tankish Beowulf. The map, Crossfire, fuses familiar Tribes elements with modern multi-objective gameplay, so take a look at our 10 minute hands-on video with Tribes: Ascend.

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depressin that tribes has been dumped down to this level. Classes really? The only things in common with tribes this game has is the skiing and jetpacks.Which doesnt make it tribes.


Hi-Rez Studios looking into ways to provide the community with options to further support Tribes: Ascend.

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Resumption of halted development for Tribes: Ascend unlikely to resume as studio shifts focus to Global Agenda 2 and SMITE MOBA.

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Hi-Rez Studios serves up new update and a one-time buy option to unlock all weapons, perks, and classes for Tribes: Ascend.

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Unlock all of Tribes: Ascend’s classes, weapons, and perks by purchasing one neat little package.

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