Trion Launches Trove Supporter Packs

Trion sends out the first wave of Trove alpha invites and launches new Supporter Packs with guaranteed beta access.

Trion revealed Trove, their open-ended online adventure RPG, just over a week ago and the first wave of alpha invites have already been sent out to players that registered on the game’s official website. In addition to the recent wave of alpha invites, Trion has also announced a selection of new Supporter Packs to the Trove website. There are currently 7 packs in total for varying prices ranging from just $5 to $2,500, each with varying rewards but all including beta access. For additional rewards, Trion has included a supporter bonus milestone chart, which includes additional rewards that will unlock as the Trove support rises.

You can read more about the Supporter Packs in the Trove FAQ. You can also sign up for the beta without buying a pack on the Trove website.

Source: Trion Worlds Press Release

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