Fight the Filth of Agartha in TSW’s Whispering Tide Event

A new long-term string of events kicks off today to fight back the filth and gain access to Tokyo in The Secret World.

The fight for Tokyo has begun. The Secret World today kicked off the first of a new string of long-term events that tasks players with clearing the filth out of Agartha and securing the portal to Tokyo. Players will see the first of these new events today with the new Tokyo Agartha portal, which has been infected by the effects of the Filth. Events will continue to escalate as the battles between the Filth intensifies. Victory will be achieved when the Filth has been purged and the portal to Tokyo secured. Once that has happened, players will be able to explore the new area.

The first part of the event tasks players with gathering resources to use against the infected portal before they can engage the creatures within. The more each player contributes, the more theyÂ’ll be rewarded. As the event progresses, additional rewards will become available.

Source: The Whispering Tide Event

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