Funcom Reveals Details for The Secret World's Third Beta Weekend

By Stacy Jones -

Funcom has revealed more details about the third hellish Beta Weekend for The Secret World set to kick off this Friday. The event aptly titled “Hell Raised”, will allow players to adventure beyond Kingsmouth and explore The Savage Coast region and even step through the gates of hell to experience the new Hell Raised dungeon. In addition, the wrecked supertanker dungeon known as Polaris will also be available. Funcom has also made a number of improvements to game content and updated the combat system for the event.

The next Beta Weekend gets underway on Friday, June 15th. You can pre-order for guaranteed access, but if youÂ’re on the fence about buying the game, be sure grab one of our beta keys for this weekendÂ’s event.

Check out The Secret WorldÂ’s Beta Weekend FAQ for more details.

Source: Funcom Press Release

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