Funcom Reveals More About The Secret World's Creatures of the Night

The Secret World offers a closer look at some of the horrors that go bump in the night.
The Secret World is featured in the latest issue of PC Gamer and Funcom has a few ghost stories to tell in their latest reveal. PC Gamer’s feature will encompass a number of the game’s creatures and evil beings and you can get a peek at what the magazine has in its article for The Secret World in a new preview that’s been posted to its website.

Your parents lied: monsters don’t just exist in fairy tales and myths. They’re all around us, hiding in the shadows and underneath the stairs, biding their time before unleashing hell upon the world. It’s up to you to keep these horrific creatures at bay, working behind the scenes as part of a secret society to ensure that darkness doesn’t overtake civilization.

The preview contains several new images and details of various creatures such as the Akab, Scarecrow, Jack o’lantern Deep Ones and many more. In total, the preview is fairly lengthy and a good read for fans looking to learn more about the creatures that inhabit The Secret World. If you learn anything from this preview it will certainly be that chainsaws are statistically proven to be more effective than Fear Gas.

Source: PC Gamer - Preview: What goes bump in the nights of Funcom’s The Secret World

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