Issue #4 Brings Big PvP Changes for The Secret World

Posted Mon, Nov 12, 2012 by Martuk

Senior PvP Designer Rasmus Harr has penned a new developer blog that outlines a number of PvP changes for The Secret World’s Issue #4 update. On the list of scheduled changes are adjustments to rewards in the contested areas in Fusang that will add more emphasis to conflict and holding objectives. In addition, the black marks for completing PvP missions will be removed.

One other big change slated for 1.4 is that the devs will be doing something often not popular with players by wiping a currency; in this case all White Marks of Venice will be reset. After update 1.4, a number of changes will be put in place to make the currency more useful and adjust how they’re obtained.

After update 1.4, you can go to any PvP vendor and trade 100 white marks into 1 black mark. And in Fusang, for the new 3-minute interval reward scheme, you will now be rewarded with white marks at every 3-minute interval. This solves two issues with the PvP economy. It removes a virtually worthless currency, and it solves an issue we had with the interval-based reward system in Fusang.

Other changes include boosts for underdog PvP teams by way of a mission that can grant a powerful Custodian, improvements to matchmaking, cross-dimension PvP in Fusang and more. Read the full blog for all the details.

Source: The Secret World Blog: Massive PvP Enhancements


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