Joel Bylos Named as New Game Director for The Secret World

Posted Mon, Sep 24, 2012 by Martuk

Funcom has made a few more changes to The Secret World (TSW) development team this week. Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos has been tapped to fill the role of game.

“Being given the opportunity to lead the game into a bold, new future is definitely a dream come true for me,” says Joel Bylos, Game Director on ‘The Secret World’. “I am very proud of what we as a team have created with ‘The Secret World’, and it is truly a brilliant canvas that will allow us to create more groundbreaking MMO experiences for many years to come. ‘The Secret World’ is only really getting started, and with a game world that draws upon our own, real world, there is no limit to what sort of amazing stories we can tell and fantastic locations we can visit in the upcoming content updates.”

Additionally, Ragnar Tørnquist has stepped out of his role as senior producer but will remain on as the creative director for The TSW. Scott Junior will be stepping in to assume the role vacated by Tørnquist.

Lastly, the announcement also revealed that the team is putting the finishing touches on the third content update, Issue #3: The Cat God and that Issue #4 is already in production.

The development team is currently working on wrapping up ‘Issue #3: The Cat God’, the latest content update for ‘The Secret World’, and production on‘Issue #4’ is also well under way. This update puts players in the middle of a devastated New York City where they have to battle an enormous monster crawling up from the depths of the New York subway system and onto the streets of Times Square.

Sources: TSW Announcement, Message from Ragnar Tørnquist


Joel Bylos returns from his hiatus with an update on The Secret World’s development and release of Tokyo.

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