Ragnar Tørnquist Reveals More About the Politics and Philosophy of The Secret World's Templars

Ragnar Tørnquist delves further into the Templar secret society for the fourth day of The Secret World’s Templar Week.
The Secret World’s Senior Producer Ragnar Tørnquist and Lead Writer Dag Scheve recently sat down with IGN to talk about the Templar secret society for the fourth day of Templar’s Week.

The Templars look to rid the world of evil and always view their actions as justified in the best interest of the world according to Scheve. TheyÂ’re less chaotic than the Dragons and less focused on gaining power than the Illuminati. But make no mistake, their goal is to rule the world and rid it of all evil.

The duo provide a lot of information about the Templars home city, politics and even what sort of players might enjoy this particular secret society.

Anyone who believes themselves to be crusaders against darkness and who want to stand firm in the war on evil should consider the Templars: their goals are clear, their brief simple. Those who oppose them will be swept aside. The Templars may be slightly rigid and old-fashioned, but the New Templars are taking big steps in creating a more open and inclusive organization.

You can check out a new teaser video and read all about The Secret WorldÂ’s Templars at IGN.

Source: The Secret World: A Look at The Templars

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