The Secret World Dev Blog Raids New York

By Stacy Jones -

Funcom designer Graeme Lennon, who has worked on Hell Fallen and The Facility, has penned a new developer blog that delves into the upcoming New York raid for The Secret World (TSW) and how it will tie into a future raid heading to Tokyo. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve Godzilla. The 10-person New York raid aims to turn things up on both the content and story from for TSW.

"The great threats to our planet, no longer contained in deniable, out-of-the-way locations, are now going to start bursting up in the great centres of the world. The raid takes place in New York City, and as you know that we're also working on a full-scale Tokyo location. Shit, as they say, is getting real, and the Council of Venice can no longer pretend that these problems exist only in small communities, deep deserts and hidden valleys."

Read Lennon’s full blog to find out more about the raid, its rewards and how it will connect to Tokyo.

Source: TSW Blog – New York Raid

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