The Secret World Dev Blog Talks Character Development

By Stacy Jones -

Funcom has been discussing the flexibility of The Secret WorldÂ’s character development and skill system over the last month. This week Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard has posted a new developer blog to add more insight into character development, which includes 525 unique skills that players can acquire and customize their characters with.

So let's start with the overall basics, and then dig a bit deeper. TSW does not have any classes, but it has 525 unique abilities. When we say that these abilities are unique, we really mean it. We don't have rank 1,2,3,4 etc of an ability. The ability is unique, and it will scale with your gear. A player can potentially learn every single ability in the game. There are no crossroads where the player has to choose either left or right. There are no choices a player can make that would remove his options to purchase an ability at a later date.

Bruusgaard also discusses the ways in which players can combine skills for better synergy, abilities without weapon requirements and the role of crafting. Read the full blog for all the details.

Source: The Secret World Dev Blog

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