The Secret World Dev Journal Previews The Scorched Desert

Funcom delves deeper into the dark mysteries of The Secret World's Scorched Desert with a new developer journal preview.

Funcom revealed the Scorched Desert in The Secret World earlier this week by way of a new video. Today Funcom has teamed up with to serve up another preview of the Scorched Desert festering in the heart of Egypt. Cultists, monsters and a hidden evil all await players in the Scorched Desert.

An ancient darkness festers in the heart of Egypt. For eons the evil has been kept at bay by valiant guardians, but now their defenses weaken and falter. This corrupting malevolence threatens to spread its black tendrils out across the world. The future of all is at stake.

Read the full developer journal for more and check out The Secret World's Scorched Desert trailer after the break.


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