The Secret World Loses Lead Designer

The Secret World’s Martin Bruusgaard is one of several casualties of Funom’s layoffs in August.

Martin Bruusgaard, now former lead designer of The Secret World, is one of the many people hit by Funcom’s August layoffs. Bruusgaard revealed the news on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, I'm not with Funcom anymore.”

Bruusgaard echoed reports that 50% of the overall Funcom staff was impacted, with the Oslo office taking a harder hit.

“I think that 50% was an overall Funcom percentage. The Oslo office got hit much much harder.”

On a more positive note, Bruusgaard has already found some new work with an IT firm in Oslo.

“I'm getting a grownup-job, for now :) Still in IT, with a good solid company based in Oslo.”

Hopefully we’ll see back in gaming sometime in the future, and we hope the rest of the Funcom staff have been as fortunate in finding new work.

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Source: Martin Bruusgaard Twitter

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