The Secret World Making Lairs More Casual Friendly

Posted Tue, Sep 04, 2012 by Martuk

The Secret World ramped up its endgame content challenge by including new Nightmare Mode dungeon. And now Funcom is ratcheting back the other way to make things better for casual players in 1.2. Some of the changes will include lair groups for 5 players, additional Anima Wells in some lairs that were deemed to be too far apart, a new item mission for each lair, loot changes for playfield and regional bosses and more.

Nightmare dungeons will remain untouched and still be the quickest and more difficult path to acquiring more gear.

Source: Lairs in The Secret World

Well they better nerf everything down to lvl 10 so that everything is accessible to the players that enter TSW for the free trial. After all, they are Fcom's only hope to show that someone actually plays their game :P
*enters evil mode, huehuehue*

If this AWESOME mmo doesnt grab you with the lvl 5 content (Kingsmouth, which is the 1st zone,) then its not the game for you. If you're lvl 10 and still having problems with Kingsmouth, this is definitely not the game for you. Like it? Buy it... The intricate storylines involved do require a little more attention than someone trying to outlvl the trial. If you hit the 3rd zone (Blue Mtn,) on a limited free trial, you've missed alot of content.

Tsm has a deep entrancing story that is conspiracy/urban legends gone wild the combat and group finder could use some work but the story is more entrancing then wow has done in 10 years

Yeah, the group finder kinda blows; the combat system is pretty good. Theres many more mmos out there with worse combat systems (SWToR, DCO, and Aion to name a few.) If you have no problems with these combat systems, which includes myself, then this is a great game. Just an FYI for the gamers that heard bad reviews about the combat system. Theres been alot of tweaking since beta, thats when a majority were written. Grab a free trial, thoroughly enjoy the content (btw, this isnt a game for kids. lol)


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