The Secret World Video Previews Issue 4, Releasing November 15th

By Stacy Jones -

New York is a resilient city. Having survived terrorist attacks, a nasty superstorm and even an attack from Godzilla (no not that silly Mathew Broderick Godzilla, the real one), Funcom is throwing a bit more trouble at the Big Apple with The Secret WorldÂ’s Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple. Issue 4 includes The Secret WorldÂ’s first raid in the new Manhattan zone, which Godzilla just might actually come in handy for.

If fighting a giant Cthulu-style raid monster that wants to chew your face off isnÂ’t your thing, thereÂ’s plenty more in the update for you to indulge in ranging from new missions to the new plays system at the Albion Theater, PvP changes, the new chainsaw auxiliary weapon and more.

In addition to the new video preview, Funcom has also announced that Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple is set to release on November 15th, 2012.

The servers will come down for 'Issue #4' on November 15th at 12:00 GMT / 7am EST / 4am PST (check this link to see when this is in your timezone). The downtime is scheduled to last 3 hours.

Get a preview of whatÂ’s in store in the video below.

Source: Issue #4 Release Date Announcement

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