The Secret World's Lead Programmer Talks Game Tech

By Stacy Jones -
The Secret World’s Lead Programmer Øystein Eftevaag recently took some time to chat with fansite The Hydra Initiative and discuss a little about his work on Funcom’s latest MMOG. The interview covers topics ranging from work on the Dreamworld engine to dynamic lighting and rendering to a nifty in-game web browser to help you with looking up important mission info from inside the game.

The in-game browser is already in and working, and is looking great! Due to the way browsers have to interact with our client there canÂ’t be a choice of browser, unfortunately. In practice, itÂ’s a version of Chrome (wrapped in a 3rd party framework called Awesomium) which is tightly integrated with our client; and not a browser which is already installed on the playerÂ’s machine.

Source: The Hydra Initiative

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