The Secret World's Lead Programmer Talks Game Tech

The Secret World’s lead programmer discusses game features in development and some of the technical side of the MMOG.

The Secret World’s Lead Programmer Øystein Eftevaag recently took some time to chat with fansite The Hydra Initiative and discuss a little about his work on Funcom’s latest MMOG. The interview covers topics ranging from work on the Dreamworld engine to dynamic lighting and rendering to a nifty in-game web browser to help you with looking up important mission info from inside the game.

The in-game browser is already in and working, and is looking great! Due to the way browsers have to interact with our client there can’t be a choice of browser, unfortunately. In practice, it’s a version of Chrome (wrapped in a 3rd party framework called Awesomium) which is tightly integrated with our client; and not a browser which is already installed on the player’s machine.

Source: The Hydra Initiative

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