TSW Game Director on New Content and Issue #8 Release

Joel Bylos updates on The Secret World’s next update and the opening of the Tokyo portal.

Joel Bylos recently dropped his latest missive for The Secret World (TSW) as part of his monthly rounds for Funcom’s lineup of MMOGs today. Bylos confirmed that Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda is expected to hit live servers sometime next week, adding the new story along with the new Augment system and three Scenarios: The Mansion, The Hotel, and The Castle.

In addition to the new content coming with Issue #8 next week, Bylos also discussed the following Issue #9 update, which will open up the new region of Tokyo. Bylos calls Issue #9 the largest content update to date, adding that it will also include the new Aegis system to expand the horizontal progression. Bylos concluded the update with a new comic strip that tells the tale of a mysterious meeting about Tokyo.

Source: Letter from the Game Director - October

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