TSW Game Director Reflects on November and Looks Ahead

Game Director Joel Bylos delivers his November missive for The Secret World to reflect on the latest update and tease the next.

It’s that time o the month once again. Game Director Joel Bylos penned his November missive for The Secret World (TSW) to reflect on the Halloween event and Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda. While reflecting on Funcom’s goal of making accessible content with the three difficulty settings for Scenarios, Bylos also revealed that a fourth difficulty will soon be added called “Novice” for those struggling with the current difficulty settings.

With the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching, Bylos took some time to tease what Funcom has planned this yearÂ’s holiday event. Bylos refused to delve into spoiler bits but he does urge players to keep an eye open for Krampus. And while this yearÂ’s event will be new, Funcom will also be re-enabling a slightly tweaked version of last yearÂ’s event as well.

Lastly, Bylos offered up a few details about the upcoming Issue #9 update and the opening of Tokyo. Bylos apologized for the Tokyo regionÂ’s delay, which is expected to release in early 2014. One of the big changes coming with the update is the new AEGIS system and how it will factor into combat within Tokyo. Bylos did offer a few tidbits of information on what players can expect.

“As a mechanic, it means that creatures in Tokyo have begun to develop different types of defensive shielding: initially three types which - based on the host creature archetype - will provide complete protection from regular damage. These shields differ in type and effect, however and this is where the AEGIS system differs to a resistance system. They react in different ways to different abilities, they charge/reform/recast/splinter/reflect and they encourage you to take an active interest in the strengths and weaknesses of different shield types and how to overcome them.”

The AEGIS system will release in different parts over the next few updates, so be sure to read the full November Game DirectorÂ’s Letter for more details.

Source: TSW Game DirectorÂ’s Letter

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