TSW's Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo Departs the Station

Posted Thu, Mar 14, 2013 by Martuk

The Secret World’s (TSW) latest update arrives this week just ahead of the weekend with Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo. The update’s story and main content is now available to members three days ahead of everyone else while the rest of the general content and fixes are available to everyone. Issue #6 introduces a new storyline mission in Egypt complete with crazed cultists, a fight on top of a moving train, and time travel. Players will also have the chance to acquire the new whip auxiliary weapon to give them a true Indiana Jones style way to deal with enemies.

Additionally, a new lair fight is available along with changes to the PvP ranking system and new rewards. Read more about the update on TSW website and check out the video below for a peek at the new content.

Source: Issue #6 Now Available


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