Uncharted Waters Online 2nd Age Expansion Launches

OGPlanet serves up its first content update for Uncharted Waters Online since its November re-launch with new features, ships, and more.

OGPlanet re-launched Uncharted Waters Online nearly two months ago after taking over publishing duties from Netmarble. This week the MMOG received its first major content expansion with the launch of 2nd Age, adding plenty of new features and content.

2nd Age adds the new World Clock feature, which allows players to manipulate the flow of time and trigger historical events that affect all nations, new Imperial Elections have come to the Roman Empire that players can participate in and support their candidate, and new ships, bosses, and missions are also available. Additionally, new treasure hunts are available, tasking players with gathering clues from around the world to discover rare relics.

You can check out the trailer below and visit the Uncharted Waters Online website for more.

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