Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Update Adds New Rewards and Fixes

Posted Wed, May 09, 2012 by Martuk

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes players can claim their May loyalty rewards following today’s update. Three new NPCs have been added to provide this month’s rewards on each continent. Vanguard players will be able to claim one-time rewards like the Brown Sloop, KDQ Leather Barding, KDQ Mechanized Tack, the Adherent title and the Kamelott Overland Onslaught Life-Sustaining Exo-Skeleton (K.O.O.L.E.) mount.

Patch notes for the update can be found below.

Source: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Patch Notes

Loyalty Rewards

With the coming of May the new loyalty rewards have arrived and the April rewards will be going away next week. Here are the details for the new rewards.

  • Three new NPCs have been added to provide these rewards
    • For Thestra look for Graak the Soft-Hearted in New Targonor
    • For Kojan look for Munz Shinygiver in Tanvu
    • For Qalia look for Farain in Khal

  • The list of one time rewards is:
    1. Brown Sloop
    2. Pre-fix title of Adherent
    3. KDQ Mechanized Tack
    4. KDQ Leather Barding
    5. Kamelott Overland Onslaught Life-Sustaining Exo-Skeleton or the K.O.O.L.E. mount. (It really is that cool!!!)

  • The list of repeatable rewards is:
    • Every 44 hours from first receiving the following gifts you can get them again.
    • 3x Kamelott, Inc Supply Crate 4000
    • Veteran’s Cache (Level 50+ characters only)
      • The veteran’s cache contains a random enhancement item or, rarely, new powerful weapons with soul slots.
      • The new weapons can be previewed on the NPCs listed above.

    These rewards will be available for a limited time so please tell a friend and make sure to log in every 44 hours to get your new rewards.


  • Fixed an issue where the quest “The Reawakening of Vol Tuniel” would not properly lead to “The Power of Vol Tuniel”
  • Changed the name from “The Rewakening of Vol Tuniel” to “The Reawakening of Vol Tuniel”
  • Corrected quest issue with “Poison Supply (10)”. The barrels used in the quest should now update properly


  • Fixed the item Curse Signet Ring of the Keeper to no longer have the skill “curses” on it instead it is just a caster ring
  • Fixed an issue where Void shard would not proc


  • Rogues
    • Increased the damage for the rogue ability Dagger Expertise
      • Rank 1 should now give 10% damage
      • Rank 2 should now give 15% damage
      • Rank 3 should now give 20% damage
      • Rank 4 should now give 30% damage
      • Rank 5 should now give 40% damage

    • Increased the damage for the rogue ability Weapon Blur
      • Rank 1 should now give 10% damage
      • Rank 2 should now give 20% damage
      • Rank 3 should now give 30% damage and 10% Strikethrough damage

    • Fixed issues with the Rogue Epic
      • Rogue epic proc should now work properly
      • Reduced refresh timer on Form of Shadow to 3 minutes
      • Increased duration on Touch of shadows level 2 and 3
      • Epic stealth should now work
      • Renamed Epic stealth to Infiltrator’s Shroud

  • Bard
    • Fixed an issue where the Bard ability line Razor Parts Silk was not dealing damage correctly
    • Bard song component related to runspeed have been buffed but are no longer modified by drums

  • Sorcerer
    • Flame exhaustion should now work properly


  • Fixed an issue where players are able to stand about 5 feet away from BOD Apprentices and take no damage
  • Added the Ability Jharuu Sock to the 4 apprentices on the Bridge of Destiny
  • Fixed an issue where the Pyroclastic Crusher would get stuck


  • Removed the ability Minor Healing from the spellbook of players that accidentally got the ability from the Smash Em removal

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes celebrates its 7th anniversary with a rainbow whale companion gift, contests, and bonus events.

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