Vanguard Update Gives Old Targonor an Upgrade

Vanguard’s latest update makes some significant changes to Old Targonor with updates to boss encounters and a new 24-player raid.

If you played Vanguard: Saga of Heroes at any point, you may be familiar with the area of Old Targonor, a place plagued by undead following a battle of TelonÂ’s past. Last week Old Targonor got a bit of an upgrade with VanguardÂ’s latest update. The update added new enemies, new repeatable story arc armor quests, new abilities and itemization upgrades to 16 boss encounters, and a new 24-player raid available to players that complete the story progression quests.

You can read the patch notes on the Vanguard forums.

Source: Vanguard Old Targonor Update

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