Violence in video games has long been a matter of parental concern.
Particularly in games with a lot of "morally grey" content, where players
can choose to do things that can be considered "evil" or "villainous."
Theoretically, good guys use violence only as a tool to accomplish a
greater good, and only against the bad guys, while the bad guys use
violence whenever and against whomever they wish, sometimes
without even needing a good reason.

Traditionally, violence in video games is paired with bombastic,
energetic music that underscores the pulse-pounding action. This may be
one reason why the parent groups and anti-game-violence lobbyists get so
upset about it all. It might be different if the music was gentler,
sweeter and less aggressive. 

It doesn't get much gentler, sweeter or less aggressive than 60's folk
duo, Simon and Garfunkel. Horrible violence and psychotic behaviour
doesn't seem so offensive when it is contrasted against their cheery
harmonies. In fact, it tells a very different kind of story altogether.
Possibly, one about how much the Tunnel Snakes rule.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016