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Five minutes with Chris "Binky" Launius, Perpetual Entertainment's Community Manager of Gods & Heroes, in Part 2 of our video interview series

May 23, 2007 - Few can say that they've done their particular job for as long as a job's been in existence, but Chris Launius, popularly known as Binky, owns that distinction. Chris, now the Community Manager for Gods & Heroes, began his career working with Origin Systems working with the Ultima Online community at the dawn of the MMORPG (circa 1997 - makes you feel old, doesn't it?). Turnover is as common as 9-page flame wars in the Community Relations niche, but Chris defied the percentages and remained a one MMO man until coming to join Perpetual on their highly anticipated blend of classical myth, legend, and lore: Gods & Heroes.

In part one of the series, Chris McKibbin (President of Perpetual Entertainment) explained the premise behind the game and also one of the game's most unique features: highly customizable and controllable NPC groupmates known as minions. Continuing the series, Binky was kind enough to sit down with us to share his thoughts about what will make each player visually unique in Gods & Heroes. A longtime veteran of the Community Manager role, Chris also knows quite a bit about the importance of managing player expectations leading up to beta. Promise too much and the game becomes the butt of web comics for years to come. Too little, and the hype (and pre-order sales) fizzle. What's the secret to striking a balance? Just hit the play button below!

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