Playing massively multiplayer online games isn't rocket science. The
vast majority of people in "wired" nations can deduce how to move, kill
enemies, and sneak away for a little " href="" target="_blank">Dwarf
hand cannon" action (Warning:
Not safe for virgin eyes!
). However, when a MMOG decides
to change the status quo and opt for a different style of gameplay,
like the combat system in href=""
target="_blank">The Chronicles of Spellborn,
gamers feel as befuddled as href="" target="_blank">Winnie
the Pooh trying to deduce where his honey pot wandered off
to. The Spellborn developers are incredibly aware of this fact and have
gone out of their way to inform the public of their new system. The
best part about the video? The Ten Ton Hammer quote at the very end!
Make sure you watch the Spellborn video and then give us your thoughts
on the forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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