Dave Georgeson on Tricks, Traps, and Combat in EverQuest Next & Landmark at SOE Live 2014

Sony is creating all kinds of lore and characters both good and evil for EverQuest: Next solidifying the idea that EQN is a property being developed by SOE for the players while Landmark is developed by the players themselves. That's not a perfect representation of what SOE is doing, but if you want more details, the following video is a sure fire win for you.

The following topics are discussed:

  • What they're bringing to the table with EQN and Landmark!
  • Tricks and Traps!
  • Landmark monsters.
  • Gamemastering tools.
  • How landmark tools apply to EQN.
  • Lore!
  • Characters!
  • No hard locks!
  • Crazy amounts of action.

So why are you reading this still? Click play! Go, hurry, find out some crazy good details about EQ:N & Landmark in relation to awesome things.

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