This three-part video answers some of the questions swirling around the newly announced MMOFPS DUST 514 and its ties to EVE Online.

First, in planetary interaction, Senior Producer Torfi Frans Ólafsson and Noah Ward will set the stage by showing the need for and benefits from having boots on the ground. Creative Director Alti Mar Sveinsson will then deliver a point by point overview of DUST 514 that gives some background on the game and addresses many of the concerns voiced by EVE players.

In the third part, we have a live look into the pre-alpha game, including a "theatre of war" and live combat, then a look into the massive war barge, complete with trophy room, social areas, and even a 3D holographic map of the tactical area! If you're a fan of EVE or a fan of online shooters and you missed the live keynote broadcast, you'll want to check out our latest video from CCP FanFest 2009!

DUST 514 Overview and Gameplay Videos
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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