An odyssey is an epic adventure, like when the href="" target="_blank">Griswold's
went to Wally World or the href=""
target="_blank">Simpsons went to Africa. A
"shadow" odyssey portends a much darker journey, and that is exactly
what SOE promises gamers with its latest expansion to style="font-style: italic;">EverQuest 2, style="font-style: italic;">The Shadow Odyssey.
If the previous expansion brought us style="font-style: italic;">Land of the Lost
rejects (see Sarnak racial ability guide href="">here),
The Shadow Odyssey gives gamers an even slimier experience. Return to
the Guk and delve into the realm of the Frogloks. Face new dangers, and
explore 20 new zones. Encounter--well, tell you what. Just watch the
video trailer while you're downloading style="font-style: italic;">The Shadow Odyssey
from  target="_blank">the Station store.

View the The Shadow Odyssey trailer href="">here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016