Perpetual Entertainment has given us an exclusive Character
Customization Video for our readers here at Ten Ton Hammer!

Some things I live about this video are the shades of color for your
character, plus the selection of hair styles and appearances. 
Sure, it is not critical to my enjoyment, but the variety is pretty
cool.  Probably the most interesting thing is the squad
customization and the manner armor affects your appearance.  It
doesn't look like it's just the same old "best" suit of armor for
everyone, it looks like it's more or less a variety of armors. 
The bat wing helmet is pretty neat too. :>

See detailed descriptions of how you can customize your characters
appearance, squad appearance, and everything else about your character
in this video.

style="background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125); vertical-align: top;"> style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1">Gods and Heroes
Character Customization Video September 17, 2007

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