Forge’s new 1.09 update hit servers this week with a hefty dose of new content to help liven up the fight for supremacy. One of the big ticket items in the update is the Tinker, a new character adept at building walls, setting traps, deploying turrets, and a multitude of other handy skills, Tinker can fail a wrench wildly through the air. Say what you will, but a low-flying wrench to the skull will slow anyone down.

In addition Tinker, Forge also kicked off its Tinkerfest 2013 event (not to be confused with the classic EverQuest/EverQuest II Tinkerfest), which celebrates the arrival of the new character with a healthy dose of double XP. As best as I can tell, this event will end whenever they feel like it, so have fun.

The remaining bits of the update includes several bug fixes, tweaks, UI improvements, and the addition of Forge’s first mod, Ravager War, an adaptation of the Pudge War mod for Warcraft III.

Check out the Tinker class trailer below and the official Forge patch notes for more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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