If reading isn't your thing, try this new
invention called video.

G4TV has gone through countless iterations of hosts, shows and
identities. While it trends toward the muddy middle of gaming and
really tries to cover all aspects of console, PC and handheld gaming in
thirty minute shows it really has boiled down to a stew of truly
unremarkable parts. The one sliver of hope is the MMO Report from G4
that takes a different tact by specializing. It tackles one slice of
the gaming industry and you guessed it, it's the slice of gaming that
we like. This week the host Casey Schreiner discusses the following

  • The Flagship studios debacle: Casey wishes those poor souls
    who lost their jobs "good luck at not sucking" in the future.
  • Star Trek
    and the locations of all the bastard children of
    Captain Kirk.
  • SOE Fan Faire and how the expansions for style="font-style: italic;">Everquest and style="font-style: italic;">Everquest II will
    include an intervention by Dr. Phil discussing Gaming Addiction.
  • Fallen Earth
    is now in alpha testing and by the post-apocalyptic description should
    be hand-crafted for a Kevin Costner movie.
  • Final Fantasy
    boss battle that lasted eighteen hours and that FF players really are
    just "quitters" since they didn't finish it off.

Check out the full video at href="http://www.g4tv.com/thepile/videos/28017/The_MMO_Report_Thursday_August_21st.html"
target="_blank">The MMO Report on G4TV.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016