Have you noticed the map of Azeroth behind the host's desk before?

That Casey Schreiner just cracks me up. The guy is funny, and I know funny. There are redneck jokes and Casey reminding us to recruit Star Trek "red shirts" to accompany us down to some hostile planet, and it's all good. The weekly videocast G4's MMO Report provides a few minutes of entertainment and a recap of the week's bigger MMO news.

This week is fairly light, but the video shows the latest screenshots from Star Trek Online, and discusses the Free to Play game 7 Million. Casey also spends some time discussing Darkfall that announced its launch date this week. Breaking Darkfall's character alignment system down into a simple phrase of "your alignment will depend on how much of an a**hole you are" is the kind of solid reporting you get at the MMO report. See, that's funny so you should go watch the video (but make sure the kids and bosses aren't around). I'll use the same line he does when discussing Darkfall though, "don't blame me if it sucks."

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016