Day 4 of Asura Week has arrived and today’s feature is a new developer blog from Guild Wars 2 Animation Team Lead Heron Prior. Many people may not realize how complicated animating characters in an MMORPG can be, but Prior provides some good insight into the challenges that the animation team had to overcome with the asura.

As animators, part of our job is making sure the motion of the characters fits within that larger vision. It’s not always easy: game characters are required to do ludicrous, often impossible things as a matter of course, but wherever we can, we still try to retain some semblance of plausibility. With this in mind, we realized the asura were going to present some difficulties.

The asura come off as cocky but comical and it certainly seems like the team had a lot of fun animating this little race.

As an added bonus, the asura page of the Guild Wars 2 website has been updated with new, lore, images and a new video.


Heron Prior on Animating the Asura

Guild Wars 2 Asura Page

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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