Sexy Cinematics for Download

Last week the official site for Hellgate: London was updated with this note regarding the downloading of their intros and game trailers...

Now you too can download our lovely E3 cinematics...from other people! Tired of all the waiting? Tired of all the centralization imposed upon you by the ever mysterious and always domineering 'Man?' Well now you can doff these official site shackles and go eat somebody else's bandwidth, baby. Liberate yourself by broadening your online horizons!

Who'd have thought millions of people would have downloaded our cinematic trailers billions of times, thus incurring trillions of dollars in bandwidth costs? We sure didn't anticipate being billed so fiercely, but then nor did we foresee being pursued by the Lawnmower Man and his cadre of fictional cyber entities for slowing the holy heck out of their precious little Internet. But done is done. We've crushed the information superhighway's back with video and can no longer encourage you all to funnel your clicks into our precious domain lest you want connection rates of 2 kbps (otherwise known as carrier pigeon).

Keep reading to find out where and how you can download these items.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016