Hero: 108 Online is shaping up to be a triumph, not just for teen-targeted MMOGs but for anyone that loves a fine blend of gleeful anime kitsch, innovative gameplay, solid visuals, and the entire gamut of MMOG must-haves. Ten Ton Hammer was among the first to play Hero: 108 Online outside Gamania, and we share our written impressions plus over ten minutes of video gameplay footage in this exclusive preview.

From the article:

"Combat was fast-paced and enjoyable, but perhaps the most innovative feature of Hero: 108 Online combat is its mouse-free design. While clicks are necessary for NPC interaction, combat is all about keystrokes. The standard WASD movement was in place, and while the hotbar uses the number keys like most any other MMORPG, you can also highlight a hotbar slot with the U and O keys and use the J, K, and L keys to activate your abilities and default attacks. No targeting involved, you damage, debuff, heal, or empower what you're facing. The upshot is you can fire off abilities without taking your fingers off the movement keys, and the mouse-free combat design makes for surprisingly smooth gameplay."

Join Ten Ton Hammer and Gamania Product Director Kevin Crawford for a hands-on preview of this exciting Cartoon Network crossover, Hero: 108 Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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