Expansion season [which
is a lot like rabbit season in
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target="_blank">Looney Tunes style="font-style: italic;">--Ed.] is upon MMO
gamers in its full force, with the new content coming from href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/eve/" target="_blank">EVE
Online, target="_blank">EverQuest II, href="http://wow.tentonhammer.com/" target="_blank">World
of Warcraft, and target="_blank">Lord of the Rings Online. Unlike
the other expansions, the LOTRO development team opted to create an
expansion that takes place almost entirely under Middle-earth, and
geeky basement jokes aside, the Ten Ton Hammer staff is more than a
little excited to check out this incredibly immense underworld. To whet
our appetites, the LOTRO developers released a launch trailer for their
Mines of Moria expansion, and we've published it for you to enjoy!

  • target="_blank">You can check out the entire Mines of Moria
    launch trailer by clicking here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016