What if many of the visionaries behind Command and Conquer decided to make a truly massive MMORTS in the spirit of the original? Petroglyph, in conjunction with Trion Worlds, is doing just that, and End of Nations might just be the beginning of the truly massively multiplayer MMORTS.

From the article:

Petroglyph and Trion World might soon up the ante on what you expect from your RTS with End of Nations, the most massively MMORTS we've seen yet. Built on Trion's scalable architecture platform, EoN reputedly supports more than 51 players on a single map. According to President Mike Legg, one of the many many SSI and Westwood vets at Petroglyph, this is the game they've always wanted to make, but the technology to make it simply didn't exist until very recently.

Read on in our feature length first look at End of Nations.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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