Flagship Studios has recently revamped the website for style="font-style: italic;">Mythos, their
upcoming massively-multiplayer online game that borrows elements from
action role-playing games such as Diablo
and Fable.
In addition to the fancy new design on their site, they've released an
official video depicting the classes of style="font-style: italic;">Mythos. The three
classes revealed so far are the deadly Bloodletter, the ingenious
Gadgeteer, and the powerful Pyromancer.

allowscriptaccess="always" flashvars="&displayheight=300&file=http://images.tentonhammer.com/video/mythos/Mythos_ClassVideo.flv&height=320&image=http://images.tentonhammer.com/video/support/previews/TTH_videos_Main_400x300.jpg&width=400&frontcolor=0xFFFFFF&backcolor=0x232A34" />

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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