Today, fresh off Gamescom, CD Projekt RED released a 37 minute developer walkthrough for The Witcher 3. Not only do you see the gorgeous scenery, but you get to experience some of the quest dialog first hand. You'll experience what life is like for Geralt, trophy displays from recent hunts, how fast travel works and so much more. As a real gameplay video, you'll also experience what the combat system is like, possible itemization (weaponry) for Geralt, and even get a look at the lore. My favorite quote is when Pieter says, "let's take a moment to appreciate the view," because if there's anything for certain here, The Witcher 3 is absolutely stunning. Oh and there's some weird blue child you run into while questing. Can't say I like the kid, but not only is whiskey one of his favorite words, it's the first one listed when he goes into a schitzophrenic word salad tangent. So, I guess that makes him OK in my book.

Around the 20 minute mark, you get a better idea on what kind of abilities Geralt will have. A little bit before that, you'll see a fire ability, which at first looks like Geralt is breathing fire, until the camera angle changes. I was mildly disappointed that it comes out of his hand, but then I got distracted by how pretty the game is again. About 6 minutes later and you'll get to see the character and inventory management screen, and more on the witcher abilities and how they aid you through questing without very much handholding.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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